Saturday, March 3, 2007

Muzium Telekom Malaysia....

A soundscape welcome awaits the visitor as he gazes across the first tools of communication known to man.

The Magic Wire

The sights and sounds of a jungle track leads you to the next gallery introducing the beginning of telecommunications in Malaysia sometime in the 1870's.

Storm At Sea

The journey continues through the early years of radio communications in Malaysia. A soundscape recreating a fishing boat stranded in a raging monsoon shows the life-saving importance of radio telecommunications way back in the 20's.

The Golden Years

The Post-War Years of 1946 mark the beginning of an infrastructure that would eventually take us into the 21st century.

Women & Telecommunications

The all-important role of Malaysian women in telecommunications finds its origin at the switchboards of the 30's - an era weĆ­ve recreated in detail, complete with an authentic telephonist assistance centre.

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