Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nokia 9210i Communicator

The Nokia 9210i Communicator is a business workhorse designed for use by professionals on the move. A QWERTY keyboard combines with fast internet access, email and a range of office applications to enable the Communicator phone to function as a miniature laptop.

Improvements added since the older 9210 include more memory, an improved Web browser that supports frames, Javascript�, Macromedia Flash Player and RealOne Player for video and audio streaming, and a content-sensitive pointer that allows easy scrolling.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) client allows mobile corporate users to establish secure, reliable, trusted connections from their Nokia 9210i Communicator directly to their corporate Intranet.

Compatibility with a broad range of office applications is a key strength of the 9210i Communicator. The email application supports most attachment types, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MS Project, Lotus, and is compatible with a very wide range of mailserver types. The calendar and contacts tools are also compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Schedule+, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, Oracle Collaboration Suite and SyncML remote synchronization.

A very powerful tool, but as with its predecessor, bulk and weight are its key disadvantages. Now replaced by the Nokia 9500.

Features of the Nokia 9210i include:

  • Colour screen (4096 colours, 640 x 200 pixels)
  • Operating system: Symbian
  • Email protocols: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP (SSL, TLS)
  • Fax modem
  • Data speed up to 43.2 kilobits per second ( HSCSDH)
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Total memory: 40 Mbytes
  • User memory: 16 Mbytes (contains 6 Mbytes preinstalled applications)
  • Memory card slot (MultiMediaCard standard - 64 Mbytes capacity)
  • Connectivity: IrDA, Ir-TranP, cable (DLR-2L)

Nokia 9210 Communicator

There are many new features in the Nokia9210 Communicator, such as

  • Colour screen
  • Bigger keys, easier to type
  • New applications
  • Windows file compatibility
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint compatibility
  • Windows Outlook compatible email
  • Synchronization of calendar and contacts
  • High speed data up to 43 200 bps
  • GSM 900 GSM 1800
  • WWW and WAP
  • Symbian EPOC32 operating system
  • Java support

  • The Nokia 9210 Communicator was bundled with the Concord Eye-Q IR Digital Still camera, at the launch. These packs have now been sold out, but the camera might be available for purchase separately as an accessory in the near future.

    he still digital camera features:
    • IrDA wireless image transmission
    • USB connectivity
    • image storage in internal flash memory
    • removable MMC card
    • advanced CMOS imaging by Agilent Technologies, Inc. via a 640 x 480 true VGA resolution sensor

    This highly integrated CMOS active pixel sensor offers excellent image quality with low power consumption, low dark current, high sensitivity and anti-blooming characteristics - in other words, better pictures.

    Nokia 9210 Main Features

    Brilliant color screen and mobile multimedia

    • High quality screen with 4096 colors
    • Transfer photos from a compatible digital camera, view them in color on your Nokia 9210 Communicator, forward them by fax or e-mail, upload them to the Internet
    • Play video clips and listen to wave sounds

    Complete office in your pocket

    • Portable office includes phone, fax, e-mail, calendar, contacts, Word, Spreadsheet, Presentation viewer, WAP, WWW
    • Edit & send Word and spreadsheet documents
    • View PowerPoint slides in full color
    • Lotus Notes, Lotus Organiser and Microsoft Outlook/Schedule+ compatible calendar, contacts and to-do lists
    • Contacts, calendar & e-mail synchronization

    Total mobile communication

    • Premium dual band phone (EGSM 900/1800)
    • Mobile e-mail, fax, short messages

    High speed Internet

    • In High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) networks
    • Web, WAP and e-mail at high speed data - up to 43.2 kbps
    • Web in full colors
    • WAP supports colour images

    Lots of applications, lots of variations

    • Software applications - professional software, games
    • Software platform is open for 3rd party developers
    • Memory card - extends memory for installing applications and storing files
    • Accessories - full range: car kit, headset, desktop stand, belt clip etc

    Nokia 9110i Communicator

    The Nokia 9110i as well as the Nokia 9110 have now been discontinued and replaced by the newer Colour version, the Nokia 9210 communicator.

    The Nokia 9110i Communicator - with support for WAP services

    The newer Nokia 9110i Communicator continues to support www-browsing and e-mail like the older Nokia 9110 Communicator, but the new add-on WAP services application software now allows users to access mobile information services created for WAP-enabled phones.

    Nokia Communicator

    This evolution of the Nokia Communicator highlights the blurring of boundaries between the Internet and mobile networks. Mobile Internet services such as banking, news or ticket bookings can be easily accessed using a WAP browser. Access to these services is made even easier and more convenient for Nokia Communicator users thanks to the device's large display and keyboard. As many WAP based information services designed for WAP compliant mobile handsets emerge in many countries, these services will now be accessible for Nokia 9110i Communicator users as well.

    The new WAP browser will be supplied as add-on software, and it is recommended that the application is installed on a memory card for use in the Nokia Communicator. Memory cards for Nokia 9110 Communicator and Nokia9110i Phone are available as separate accessories.

    The WAP services application is supplied with the Nokia 9110i Communicator and is aimed to be available during the third quarter of 2000.

    New features of the Nokia 9110i Communicator:

    WAP services application

    The WAP services application enables the Nokia Communicator to access Internet-based WAP content. The application, when properly installed, can be used with any existing Nokia 9110 Communicator. It is recommended that the application is installed on a Memory card. Memory cards are supplied as separate accessories.

    The application is accessed by pressing the Internet application button on the Nokia Communicator keyboard, and selecting WAP services.

    WAP pages can then be viewed using the Nokia Communicator's large display.

    Large Screen

    Using WAP services on the Nokia9110i Communicator is easy. The Nokia Communicator's large screen allows you to read a lot of information at once, which makes browsing the mobile Internet much faster.

    Access points

    The settings for the access point (service provider) must be made before use of the WAP services application can begin. The Nokia Communicator can store multiple WAP access points, enabling easy access to WAP services in different areas.


    Your favourite sites can be saved as bookmarks, and each bookmark can use a different access point. You can also select any of your bookmarked sites as your home page.

    The 9110i also continues to provide all the other functions available to the 9110: Nokia Communicator 9110


    • Digital cellular phone (handsfree, handset and headset use)

    • Fax, Short Messages, E-mail

    • Wireless imaging, digital camera connectivity

    • Smart Messaging, TextWeb

    • WWW, Terminal

    • Contacts

    • Notes

    • Calendar

    • Calculator, World time clock

    • Composer


    • Dimensions: 158 x 56 x 27 mm (218 cc)

    • Weight: 253 g

    E-mail protocols

    • POP3 or IMAP4

    • SMTP


    • Viewing of ASCII text, and JPEG or GIF graphics

    • All attachments (spreadsheets, text documents, etc.) can be loaded to a compatible PC using PC Suite

    • PC Suite for Nokia 9110 Communicator

      For use in Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 environments

    Calendar and contacts compatibility

    • Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x

    • Microsoft Outlook 97/98

    • Lotus Organizer 97 GS

    Database compatibility

    • Requires TCP/IP connection and HTML/HTTP support
      Lotus Domino

    • Oracle

    • Solid Light Client (only TCP/IP connection required)


    • High Power Battery

    • Performance Travel Charger

    • Advanced Desktop Stand

    • Headset

    • RS-232 Adapter Cable

    • Carrying Case

    • Advanced HF Car Kit

    • Mobile Charger

    • Memory Card

    Battery performance

    • Li-ion Battery 1100 mAh

    • Talk/data/fax time 3 - 6 h

    • Standby, phone on 60 - 170 h

    • Standby, phone off up to 400 h

    • Charging time 2 h Variation will occur, depending on SIM card and network settings, and usage. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation, Finland.

    Nokia 3110 Classic lebih ringkas, bergaya

    Walaupun syarikat telekomunikasi terkemuka dunia, Nokia mengeluarkan begitu banyak telefon mudah alih canggih selari dengan kemajuan teknologi tetapi mereka tidak meminggirkan golongan yang memerlukan telefon mudah alih mudah digunakan.

    Bagi memenuhi keperluan pelanggan yang mahukan telefon mudah alih yang ringkas, Nokia melancarkan model Nokia 3110 Classic.

    Nokia 3110 Classic merupakan telefon mudah alih bagi mereka yang gemar menghubungi keluarga serta sahabat.

    Naib Presiden Jualan Telefon Mudah Alih dan Operasi Pemasaran Asia Pasifik, Nokia, Alex Lambeek berkata, Nokia 3110 Classic memang agak klasik tetapi penuh bergaya.

    Bagi mengikuti gaya terkini Nokia 3110 Classic dilengkapi dengan kamera 1.3 megapiksel, pemain muzik, Bluetooth, infrared serta radio FM stereo.

    “Nokia 3110 Classic memberikan pilihan terbaik bagi mereka yang mahukan telefon mudah alih pada harga mampu milik,’’ katanya.

    Dengan Nokia 3110 Classic, pengguna boleh mendengar muzik kegemaran mereka bila-bila masa sama ada di dalam bas atau berjalan kaki.

    Bagaimanapun Nokia 3110 Classic hanya akan berada di pasaran selewat-lewatnya pertengahan tahun ini dan harganya masih belum ditentukan.

    Ciri utama
    - 1.3 megapiksel kamera dengan rakaman video dan 8x digital zoom

    - Pemain MP3, radio stereo FM dan video streaming

    - Sambungan Bluetooth dan infrared

    Perkhidmatan Data
    - GPRS multishot class 10, sehingga 53.6 kpbs

    - EGPRS multishot class 10, sehingga 236.8 kpbs

    Profil teknikal
    -- Sistem: EGSM 900/1800/1900

    - Pengguna Antaramuka: Series 40 platform

    - Dimensi: 108.5 mm x 45.7 mm x 15.6 mm (LxWxH)

    - Isipadu: 72 cc

    - Berat: 87 gram

    - Masa menunggu: Sehingga 15 hari

    - Masa berbual: Sehingga 4 hari

    - Paparan: 128 x 160, 262 warna

    - Bateri: BL-5C

    Teknologi Nokia pantas mendepani masa

    Semasa majlis Showcase Nokia 2007 yang berlangsung di Bangkok, Thailand baru-baru ini, Nokia memperkenalkan tiga model ESeries terbarunya.

    Model yang paling menarik - Nokia E90 Communicator - kali kedua dilancarkan selepas dua tahun lalu.

    Kedua model E65 gelongsor tidak kurang menarik serta E61i yang memudahkan penghantaran e-mel.

    Ketiga-tiga Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia E65 dan Nokia E61i menyokong e-mel serta boleh beroperasi di mana-mana saja anda berada.

    Semua model berkenaan menggunakan quadband GSM dan frekuensi rangkaian 3G serta menyediakan data jalur lebar wayarles pantas dengan 3G WCDMA (Wideband CDMA) dan WLAN (rangkaian kawasan setempat wayarles).

    Nokia E90 Communicator menetapkan piawai pengalaman pejabat mudah alih yang tidak boleh dipertikaikan.

    WLAN dan HSDPA mampu mempertingkat sambungan 3G yang pantas dan murah membolehkan pemindahan data cepat dan mudah sama seperti di pejabat.

    Model yang dilengkapi dengan sistem kedudukan global (GPS) dan aplikasi peta Nokia memudahkan pengguna mencari arah dalam perjalanan.

    Bagi kemudahan peribadi, Nokia E90 Communicator dilengkapi dengan radio FM, pemain muzik, video dan dua kamera - 3.2 megapiksel dengan lampu limpah (flash) dan kedua untuk persidangan video.

    Model E65 bentuk gelongsor nipis mempunyai keupayaan mobiliti bisnes hampir sama seperti Nokia ESeries yang lain.

    Dilengkapi dengan Active Standby dan One Touch Keys, Nokia E65 memang memudahkan pengguna.

    Nokia E65 juga menjalinkan usahasama dengan sistem telefon korporat misalnya Nokia Intellisync Connect bagi Cisco, Nokia Intellisync bagi Alcatel dan Avaya one-X Mobile Edition bagi penyelesaian Nokia.

    Nokia E61i pula direka khas bagi pengguna e-mel dengan lampiran, manakala papan kekunci dengan reka bentuk Navi dan kekunci Satu Sentuh memberikan pengalaman baru kepada pengguna.

    Model ini juga menyokong penyelesaian e-mel mudah alih korporat seperti Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email, Good Mobile Messaging, Mail for Exchange, Seven Mobile Mail, BlackBerry Connect dan penyelesaian e-mel yang popular di kalangan pengguna.

    Bagi memenuhi permintaan pelanggan, model ini dilengkapi dengan kamera berkualiti tinggi 2 megapiksel, pemain muzik dan pemain video.

    Ketiga-tiga model akan berada di pasaran Malaysia selewat-lewatnya pertengahan tahun ini.

    Model terbaru E Series Nokia E90 Communicator

    Ciri utama:

    * sambungan jalur lebar pantas

    * Mobile Office yang mudah dan bersepadu

    * GPS bina dalam dua kamera

    * Paparan horizontal dalaman lebih luas dan paparan luas yang besar.

    Pesta gajet di MidValley

    Kini gajet, gizmos dan alat telekomunikasi canggih telah menjadi sebahagian daripada fesyen masa kini. Mendengar muzik dengan pemain MP4, mencetak gambar dengan pantas menggunakan kamera digital terkini dan pencetak atau berkomunikasi melalui telefon mudah alih 3G merupakan satu gaya hidup.

    Kini teknologi memberikan inspirasi, inovasi dan mempengaruhi kehidupan manusia seharian bukan saja tokoh korporat malahan kanak-kanak sekolah.

    Bagi mengikuti perkembangan gaya terkini pusat membeli belah Mid Valley Megamall mengadakan pameran gajet dan peralatan digital sempena Minggu Promosi Dunia Digital yang berlangsung mulai semalam hingga 11 Mac ini.

    Bertemakan Objects of Desire pameran ini akan mempamerkan teknologi pintar, hebat dan bergaya yang bakal memikat hati pengunjung.

    Bertempat di Centre Court, Tingkat Bawah seiring dengan Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007, IT World bekerjasama mempromosikan Visit Malaysia Cyber Campaign - World’s FIRST, di mana semua individu dari serata ceruk datang bagi mempromosikan negara mereka dengan usaha sama melalui Internet.

    Pembeli juga boleh mengambil bahagian dalam Most E-Cards Sent Challenge di mana mereka bukan saja boleh melihat, mengalami sendiri malah memenangi produk dan teknologi pertama dunia seperti:

    * Lenovo Y300 iaitu komputer buku pertama dunia yang dilengkapi dengan teknologi pengecaman wajah

    * CAL-LAB iaitu teknologi mengasingkan kilat terbukti pertama di dunia

    * O2 PC Pocket berkeupayaan 3G dengan papan kekunci QWERTY pertama di dunia

    * Edisi terhad pertama telefon Skype DECT Tahun Melawat Malaysia

    Bagi mereka yang taksub terhadap komputer, jangan lupa melawat gerai Acer oleh IT World di pintu masuk Timur Atrium.

    Anda boleh menjadi orang pertama memiliki monitor LCD Acer Vista-certified yang menyokong Windows Vista.

    Sony Ericsson bakal mempamerkan model terkini dari beberapa siri fon walkman W950i yang nipis dan di gerai Nokia pula, pengunjung boleh belajar lebih lagi mengenai N-Series.

    Dan bagi mereka yang meminati sesuatu yang ringan untuk dibawa ke mana-mana apa kata melawat ke gerai Samsung bagi membelek-belek rangkaian Ultra Edition II.

    Tidak ketinggalan, pembekal perkhidmatan telekomunikasi DiGi dan Maxis yang akan memberikan nasihat profesional bagi penyelesaian terbaik bagi sebarang masalah rangkaian.

    Bagi mereka yang ingin merakamkan gambar, apa kata singgah ke tapak jualan kamera, di sana anda akan dijamu dengan pelbagai jenama dari Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax dan Nikon.

    Satu lagi kawasan yang harus dilawati terutama oleh peminat permainan video semasa Digital Week adalah zon interaktif oleh Mission World di Tingkat 3.

    Jom rasai kehebatan bertarung di dunia visual dengan Nintendo Wii, Nintendo NDS Lite, Game Boy, PSP, PS3 dan x-box 360.