Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nokia 9110i Communicator

The Nokia 9110i as well as the Nokia 9110 have now been discontinued and replaced by the newer Colour version, the Nokia 9210 communicator.

The Nokia 9110i Communicator - with support for WAP services

The newer Nokia 9110i Communicator continues to support www-browsing and e-mail like the older Nokia 9110 Communicator, but the new add-on WAP services application software now allows users to access mobile information services created for WAP-enabled phones.

Nokia Communicator

This evolution of the Nokia Communicator highlights the blurring of boundaries between the Internet and mobile networks. Mobile Internet services such as banking, news or ticket bookings can be easily accessed using a WAP browser. Access to these services is made even easier and more convenient for Nokia Communicator users thanks to the device's large display and keyboard. As many WAP based information services designed for WAP compliant mobile handsets emerge in many countries, these services will now be accessible for Nokia 9110i Communicator users as well.

The new WAP browser will be supplied as add-on software, and it is recommended that the application is installed on a memory card for use in the Nokia Communicator. Memory cards for Nokia 9110 Communicator and Nokia9110i Phone are available as separate accessories.

The WAP services application is supplied with the Nokia 9110i Communicator and is aimed to be available during the third quarter of 2000.

New features of the Nokia 9110i Communicator:

WAP services application

The WAP services application enables the Nokia Communicator to access Internet-based WAP content. The application, when properly installed, can be used with any existing Nokia 9110 Communicator. It is recommended that the application is installed on a Memory card. Memory cards are supplied as separate accessories.

The application is accessed by pressing the Internet application button on the Nokia Communicator keyboard, and selecting WAP services.

WAP pages can then be viewed using the Nokia Communicator's large display.

Large Screen

Using WAP services on the Nokia9110i Communicator is easy. The Nokia Communicator's large screen allows you to read a lot of information at once, which makes browsing the mobile Internet much faster.

Access points

The settings for the access point (service provider) must be made before use of the WAP services application can begin. The Nokia Communicator can store multiple WAP access points, enabling easy access to WAP services in different areas.


Your favourite sites can be saved as bookmarks, and each bookmark can use a different access point. You can also select any of your bookmarked sites as your home page.

The 9110i also continues to provide all the other functions available to the 9110: Nokia Communicator 9110


  • Digital cellular phone (handsfree, handset and headset use)

  • Fax, Short Messages, E-mail

  • Wireless imaging, digital camera connectivity

  • Smart Messaging, TextWeb

  • WWW, Terminal

  • Contacts

  • Notes

  • Calendar

  • Calculator, World time clock

  • Composer


  • Dimensions: 158 x 56 x 27 mm (218 cc)

  • Weight: 253 g

E-mail protocols

  • POP3 or IMAP4

  • SMTP


  • Viewing of ASCII text, and JPEG or GIF graphics

  • All attachments (spreadsheets, text documents, etc.) can be loaded to a compatible PC using PC Suite

  • PC Suite for Nokia 9110 Communicator

    For use in Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 environments

Calendar and contacts compatibility

  • Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x

  • Microsoft Outlook 97/98

  • Lotus Organizer 97 GS

Database compatibility

  • Requires TCP/IP connection and HTML/HTTP support
    Lotus Domino

  • Oracle

  • Solid Light Client (only TCP/IP connection required)


  • High Power Battery

  • Performance Travel Charger

  • Advanced Desktop Stand

  • Headset

  • RS-232 Adapter Cable

  • Carrying Case

  • Advanced HF Car Kit

  • Mobile Charger

  • Memory Card

Battery performance

  • Li-ion Battery 1100 mAh

  • Talk/data/fax time 3 - 6 h

  • Standby, phone on 60 - 170 h

  • Standby, phone off up to 400 h

  • Charging time 2 h Variation will occur, depending on SIM card and network settings, and usage. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation, Finland.

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